How to Make your Kids Happy

Just because an amazing baby comes into your life doesn’t mean your spouse should be pushed to be last on your list.  In fact, your baby needs you to put the love you have for your spouse first.  You are both going to need this united front when it gets hard in the parenting trenches. I know you feel overwhelmed and watering a plant even seems likes like too much to ask but your baby will benefit from watching your marriage thrive even through the difficult times.

How is this possible?

1. Connect Daily

Try to carve out a conversation that is not about the routine of the day.  Talk about the news, a song or even a funny joke. Connect as a couple not as parents.

2. Set alone time in the day

By establishing a consistent bedtime for your baby it means you have found daily alone time. Just sitting quiet together is an important time to recharge.

3. Sit together

Sounds easy enough? Slam yourself up against your spouse on the couch when you are on your laptops or watching TV. It makes a huge difference.

4. Kiss hello and goodbye

No explanation needed on this one.

5. Plan nights out

When the night comes you will inevitably begin to feel like it is not worth all the trouble to get out. Guess what? Force yourself- it is worth every second.  The next day you may even feel exhausted but your happy relationship will be your reward.



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