Help your Child have LESS Behavior


All children will have tantrums and there are small tips that we can start doing today that help them have less (they will always have some…sorry)


  • Refrain from talking about the negative things your child does in front of them (Tell daddy how you kicked mommy today)
  • Offer choices for everything (do you want an apple or yogurt?) Refrain from letting them choose from the cabinet…they will always choose the snack you do not want them to have
  • Make all your phrases statements and not questions (“time for bed” instead of “do you want to go to bed now?”)
  • When your child wants to show you something like how he/she jumps ask him/her to show you five times…..This fills their tank and they learn you really like what they do
  • Refrain from having your child see scary things (parents or any adults fighting, the news, tv or movies with any adult content)
  • Focus on more positive stuff than the negative stuff


Give these a shot. They may not feel natural at first but you will be encouraged when you notice how they work. These tips will help your house to feel lighter too!


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