Family Dinner the Lost Art

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Start the routine of family dinners (when your child is 10 months old it’s not to early!) and hang on to it for dear life. In today’s world families have become so busy, with both parents working, and children scheduled for countless school and athletic events that dinner time has disappeared. The loss of the family dinner is common.Find time to make family dinner a priority.

familydinner-11. Your young child’s speech development will flourish. Children learn about reciprocity by being part of the conversation. They will also learn about the importance of eye contact and storytelling.

2. Table manners will be taught regularly and by modeling.

3. Setting and clearing the table will allow your children to feel like a part of a family that works together. Opportunities like this, instills the sense of belonging.

4. Children who eat with their parents are more willing to try new foods. The meal becomes not about what they eat and more about connecting as a family sharing their highs and lows.

5. As your kids grew older, more mature conversations will unfold at dinnertime. There is no better way to get to know your teen than through regular dinner conversations where they feel comfortable.familydinner-238x300

6. Don’t forget about good old fashion fun without technology and where real skills are being fostered (make a rule no phones at the table).

Learning good table manners and conversation skills are valuable, but connecting with your parent’s everyday is a life changer.

My Favorite book -The Family Dinner by Laurie David