Finding Winter Happiness

Are you slogging through winter dreaming about warm weather and flip-flops? Well what if I told you that you can find happiness during the winter too. It is the act of embracing whatever is in front of you today. Below is a list of ideas to help transform your mindset. It’s free, accessible and brings you toward happiness. You are in control!


  1. It’s freezing out………Great I get to wear my cozy sweater
  2. The roads and sidewalks are slippery……….Great I can slow down wherever I am going
  3. I’m stuck in the house……Great I can clean out that closet or room that has been weighing me down
  4. My kids have been sick…..Great I can take care of them to show how much I love them
  5. My car is filthy…..Great when it gets cleaned I will really appreciate it
  6. I miss my ice coffee…..Great I can sample a bunch of different teas all winter to find the one I love
  7. I want to sit outside and have my dinner…..Great I can invite friends over for soup and bread
  8. I hate shoveling……Great I needed fresh air and some exercise
  9. We lost electricity….Great I can light a candle and curl up to read a book
  10. I miss my flip-flops……Great I am wearing them to the nail salon!


You get the idea. Change your mindset changes your mood. Let me know how it goes! I know you can do it.




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