Connecting the key to Parenting

Children learn about the world and relationships through the parent/child connection. A positive connection can allow the child to feel safe and secure. This security can allow the child to learn about themselves and future relationships.  Connectedness is the foundation for establishing confidence in a child. Also, connectedness supports emotional regulation and resilience (which are extremely important skills).  Day to day connectedness allows your child to have more fun, improved typical child behaviors and increased corporation.

  1. Set rules and boundaries at home that help the child feel supported but also successful
  1. Hugs, hugs and more hugs. Physical touch on the child’s terms builds a sense of belonging and can calm their central nervous system
  1. Eat some meals together. Let’s avoid feeling the pressure of a big meal. It could be a grilled cheese or even a simple snack.  Sit without your computer or phone and give a few minutes of uninterrupted attention
  1. Play together without directing the play to “make it better or to teach a lesson”.  Just play!
  1. Once in a while, whisper a sweet nothing to your child. (I love you or you a very special to me)
  1. Create a special ritual. (At bedtime you can sing a short song together or you wink at your child when they are walking into school)
  1. Listening to their concerns or stories and repeat back what they have said (You do not have to fix their upset or solve a problem) Just listen!

Simple tools to make a meaningful connection with your child


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